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Simple hack: 2 computers, one for work and one for the internet. Different workstations, preferably in different rooms.

It's a lot harder to get up off your ass than to hit alt-tab.

Harness that laziness to your advantage.

Buy and iPad. use ipad strictly for consuming content - reading HN, facebook, twitter , Instapaper etc.

use your computer strictly to create stuff - code, write, design, photoshop etc etc. If you want you can install some software to block sites and apps on your computer.

This will reduce the distractions enormously. If you find yourself on ipad all the time you will feel guilty that you didnt create anything today and thus will be motivated to do something abt it.

A variation on this, I have certain music that I only listen to when writing code. One the one hand, this means that A Momentary Lapse of Reason has been lost for general enjoyment, but on the other, if I want to listen to it...

I did exactly this, combined with a variant of the chair method above. My reading, posting, tweeting, and video watching is now all on my sofa, and my working is all at my desk. It's worked wonders.

Cheaper hack if you can't afford two computers. Two seats. I don't work when sitting in my bedroom, but when I sit at my living room table I only work.

This. Also do not use wifi.

If I need to concentrate, I physically unplug my notebook from the net (my only connection is ethernet cable) and move to a different room.

It works wonders. It makes me think hard whether it's really needed to check something on the web. Usually I just preload in tabs background info I may need later in the day to get the job done.

When I need to concentrate, I reboot into another partition where I have neglected to enable wifi, and have a rather drab, but efficient-looking environment set up. Turns out FreeBSD and wmaker are great productivity tools.

Even cheaper hack: two logins. I have one account for projects, one for play. On my project account, I run Self Control (http://visitsteve.com/work/selfcontrol/) to block distractions (now experimenting with Concentrate: http://getconcentrating.com/). I find just having two differently configured environments is a good cue which sets me in my work groove.

Really you can't afford 2 computers? I can build a machine good enough for web-browsing for under $200. You need a monitor, sure, but people are giving away CRTs. I got a 19" 1600x1200@70Hz CRT for free last year.

edit This is with all new components in the box; it's even cheaper if you can get "hand-me-down" components, which should be easy for anyone on HN.

I just can't afford more computers space-wise.

i do this too. i have an "office" area at home, and when i'm there i focus on work. i also often hang out at the kitchen table, and there it's much more a mix of working and reading HN.

Impressive that you not only had the wherewithal to do this, but also are not being lazy by moving yourself to the other room to post this comment.

Seriously, though, how do you make yourself sit down at the work computer?

Find more interesting work.

What if you move and never come back :)

you need internet for work.

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