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Full Stack Engineer. Yet another job posting
36 days ago | hide
XIX.ai (YC W17) is hiring a Full Stack Engineer. You will be responsible for specifying, building, shipping and maintaining the code of our core product. You’ll be part of one of the founding team, where you will build both back-end and front-end systems.

The ideal candidate is someone was a founding team member or is ready to move from the individual contributor role to the founding team member role. If you ever thought "This time, I want to make it the right way" you are the perfect fit!

## Responsibilities

- Develop user-facing features end-to-end in a web application - Collect usage metrics and implement dashboards for analysis - Work with the engineering team to integrate new features and ensure high maintainability

## Requirements

- Strong experience with (at least one of) React, AngularJS, Vue.js - Knowledge of caching and messaging systems (Redis/Memcached, Kafka, etc.) - Knowledge of D3.js or similar libraries is a strong plus - Familiarity with CI and version control tools - Excellent communication skills and high standards for code quality

## Our process and what to expect

1. Resume/application screening 2. Phone interview, approx. 45 min - 1 hour 3. Technical interview 4. Full-day on-site work or trial week, if remote 5. Offer


SF Bay Area, Montana or Remote

Email Us at hell-yeah@xix.ai

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