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Next Hacker News DC Meetup on Monday, Nov 22nd (meetup.com)
57 points by RKlophaus 2502 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

will be there yet again to watch the amazing waiter take orders from dozens of us without messing up. that takes some goddam talent, man.

I ordered from him 3 times and never got a drink last time. :)

I meant to ask last time, but for those of us who aren't DC natives, what is RFD?

About a block North of the Chinatown/Gallery Place (Verizon Center) Metro stop.


Beautiful, thanks.

Also, I'm looking for a Java/AJAX/JQuery Developer to work in NOVA, if you're on the market, let me know!

No Java here, or I would be all about it :(.

If you're there, look out for me anyway. I always have leads. :)

Wish I could be there guys but won't be moving down to DC until January, see you then though!

I'm going to try to make this one. Hopefully there will be successful business types rather than scary looking couch potato programmer types. #nooffense

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