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I would love to see his sales history after this stint on HN's front page.

devinfoley, you say this guy is your friend. Tell him to write a post-mortem on sales of the HN effect.

Also tell him, that will likely get him more sales :)

I was thinking the exact same thing.

He can at least count me down for one copy. Just bought it can't wait to show it to my little dreamer.

Same here. I have a six year old boy who will love the book. The first 5-7 pages will get him laughing and into it while the final bits will hopefully help him stay unique.

Thanks to the author and OP for posting this!

Yup same. Three boys (5, 3, 1) (and ? on the way) who will love this book.

I just bought the set of 10 (5 of each) once I read that they/he donates a book to libraries/school/hospitals for each book purchased. I am really excited to give these to my nieces and nephews!

I'll find out. It would be interesting. He'd never heard of HN before, but thought it was cool.

This book is made of win. Please pass along an encouragement to make it available on Amazon if possible. I'm sure he's thought of it, but please add a +1 to the thought. For better or worse, lots of people buy there because the checkout/CC/etc process is already set up.

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