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So? How is this different from any other person posting their creation here? Both the illustrations and story are great. Thanks for posting.

The book has an implicit anti-commercial message:

Instead they dream of furniture

of buying a new hat

of owning matching silverware

could you imagine that?

Instead they lay awake at night

wishing for a car

not one that runs on jellybeans

but one that's reg-u-lar

etc. I just thought it was a bit (too) ironic to end with a big BUY NOW link.

A man's still gotta make a living.

Also, for every book sold he's giving away a copy to a child somewhere in the world: http://veryawesomeworld.com/foundation.html which seems like a pretty decent thing to me.

I didn't read that as anti-commercial, but rather as anti-humdrum.

I'd say you're painting with a rather broad brush there - decrying pop music says nothing about the value of music in general.

He doesn't say "or wishing for an awesome book", so he is fine.

Actually, you'd have to dig a bit to find a way to purchase from this link. It's the entire book online for free.

I guess you didn't read all the way to the end.

You are right. I sincerely apologize!

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