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I'm surprised that handwriting recognition is such a problem for you. Wonder if you can improve accuracy by customizing the training for each user as you grow a larger corpus of examples in each users' hand?

Yes, that is the plan. That should heavily increase accuracy. Do you mean handwriting recognition as opposed to character recognition? It wasn't that we tried it and decided it wouldn't work, I just couldn't find previous instances of accurate enough recognition with handwriting. Accuracy was my priority. My sense was also that people would be turned off if they had to still manually input some games, and I had no idea how many manually inputted games it would take to reach good enough accuracy. This was when I hadn't come up with constraining characters and such, but now I can see that (with some attempts at handwriting recognition) that may be possible / is the next step after an app.

It is open sourced now if you or anyone would like to contribute. https://github.com/Messier-16/Reine/

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