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This all makes really good sense. For now I think this is a workable strategy, but I bet you can do better (take that as a challenge ;) ).

Anyways, this is really cool, and smart idea. I'll be printing these out and bringing them to my next tourney. Excited to see how it goes! How do I send you direct feedback?

We currently don't store scoresheets when uploaded to our website. Would you be able to send the pictures to us at info@reinechess.com? You could add comments about how it went (or not, since we can just run it and see for ourselves). If you think that might be a hassle I could quickly add a feedback form on the website. Also, I'd encourage that you try it once before the tourney with the restrictions—we haven't tested on very varied handwriting. Oh, and thanks so much for offering feedback!

P.S. Did you have something in mind for improving the postprocessing / trying out different iterations? Or was it just a challenge :D

Is there a reason you don't store the images of submitted games? Acquiring real-world training data to test changes with would be very useful. Perhaps make it an opt-in feature people can select when uploading a game so people are "offering" you this information to you rather than you just "taking" it.

One way to choose between two legal candidate moves would be to look forward for the next move by the candidate pieces and see which ones make sense given. If you are trying to choose between e6 and e5, for instance, look forward and see what the next e pawn move is. Plenty of other ways to go about this, of course.

No, not a clear reason other than wanted to get the product out earlier. We'll work on an opt-in, that does sound the best.

Wouldn't other pieces affect this though? For example, what if the move was e6 and the next e-pawn move was e7. What if a piece was already there, Ne7 (wrongly recognized)? I thought about slowly running through it like this, but it felt like I kept running into problems which are obvious for us to recognize but I wasn't sure how to implement it computationally

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