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After 25 years working I've come to terms with the realization that, no matter what I do - even if it's 10 times more than the people around me - they'll _always_ ask for more. They're not telling me that I'm not working hard enough because they don't actually think I'm not working hard enough, they tell me I'm not working hard enough because they're soulless bloodsuckers incapable of human emotion or empathy who are just idly curious if saying "you're not working hard enough" will magically result in even more.

It's not particularly surprising to see that it was the investor going "so... could you, you know, work harder and make more money?"

The cult of hard work, it’s become a religion in the Anglosphere. If I was being really cynical I’d say it’s because working to exhaustion removes any original thought, it keeps the victim enslaved to the system.

I used to call it "startup theater." In the ad industry it's called "struggle porn."

Part of the reason it may be worth it to leave yourself some slack. As the saying goes, "the better you get, the better you'd better get".

In investing / business / etc it's a "virtuous cycle" or "network effect" - the more productive / valuable something (or someone) is, the more productivity/value it accrues (and is expected to engender)

Want to avoid it? Switch to the socialism / union mentality - do just enough to not get fired.

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