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Hmm... I see why it's a hassle. How does it defeat he purpose though?

The USCF rules state that the TD can require players to use a specific scoresheet. It's not generally used in most casual tournaments, but almost mandatory for tournaments that matter.

I don't know about the US, but eg. scoresheets with carbon coy were handed out in the last tournament I played (Italy).

Because the scoresheet you bring home from a tournament won't be in the format this tool expects? So you'd still have to rewrite it onto the "crosswords" sheet before OCR-ing it? (In which case one extra step gets automated away thanks to the tool... but at the cost of another one taking its place).

Unless I'm missing something

The idea is you'd write down the moves during the game on the Scoresheet. Ideally, if people don't think it's too big of a change, we could just have tournament directors hand them out. Otherwise, print, bring to game, scan and throw away

It's been a while since I've played in a tournament, but I think I'd like your score sheets better than the traditional. I've been in situations where I tried to analyze a game I played a while ago, and some of the moves were illegible. Your grid forces legibility, which is something that you probably had to compromise on for the OCR, with an unexpected benefit. Really nice product and congrats on the launch!

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