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The problem with OpenID is that everyone wants to be a provider, but nobody wants to let me use it to log in. This means everyone has 10 different OpenIDs, but only one place to log into. Very stupid.

Not so much stupid as greedy. The user base is the juice. It's the most important thing most big sites have, and farming that out to another provider is giving it to them. No one wants to do that. Facebook is hardly going to say, "Login with your Twitter account."

It was a nice idea, but the successor (and there will be a successor to OpenID) will be more flexible and the sole provider. It's the only way it can work.

> Facebook is hardly going to say, "Login with your Twitter account."

Not really. The value for Facebook is in the data stored on Facebook's computers. Who provides credentials is not that important.


What's so special about a username + password combination vs. an openid?

Users, of facebook for example, will still provide facebook with their name, their phone number, their email address, their birthday, etc. Not to mention the torrent of information from photos, friends lists, likes, and posts. Consider that any site offering password recovery to an email address already effectively delegates user identity and verification to another site (the email provider).

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