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Will they leave a message? If you use something like Google Voice as your number, their voicemail will be transcribed into a text message so you can call them back within minutes, or if they can't leave a call back number, you can at least be ready for them to call you back.

By answering the phone, you're going to get even more spam calls since your number is identified as a live number.

Or you could try the call screening like what Google offers on the Pixel (and there must be other phones/apps that can do the same).


I'm not the original transplant commenter if that was your intent :) I already know the numbers to expect calls from (and area codes, at minimum - which significantly narrows it down) and there's no way I'd waste my time answering anywhere from 2 to 10 spam calls a day for also being in a boat where we're years out at best. Definitely would let it go to voicemail - legit calls almost always do leave one or call back immediately - and a couple minutes usually won't be a dealbreaker.

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