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I've gotten plenty of legitimate calls marked as spam caller, which means T-Mobile can't be trusted here.

I haven’t gotten any spam calls after enabling it on my phone number that I’ve had with TMO for 20+ years, nor have any legit calls been marked as spam. I suppose everyone’s milegage may vary.

How do you know if they blocked a legit call?

Fair point. I make it extremely easy to find me through methods besides a phone call, so I assume if a legit call did not come through because of T-Mobile blocking, I’d find out through an alternate channel (the caller iMessages or emails instead).

What I've specifically found is I miss calls from businesses that I've requested, but did not know would be coming on that day or from that number. And they aren't going to send me emails about the missed call, usually.

I give out a Google Voice number to callers of this type that doesn’t ring anywhere. I get an emailed voicemail transcription, and can choose to return the call at my leisure. Consider it!

The fact is, in the business world people often don't leave messages. You can miss important conversations if you don't pick up every call.

If you’re not leaving a message, the call isn’t worth returning. I don’t lose any sleep operating this way. I can appreciate that some people have no choice if inbound calls are business leads or the like. Find a more resilient inbound funnel flow I’d argue.

FYI, I was paying attention recently and calls from my bank that I requested have been marked that way, for e.g. 2FA verification. If I had turned on the option to block such calls I'd have been left clueless why I wasn't getting the requested call.

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