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I've stopped answering my phone completely unless the number is in my contacts. If I plan to communicate with anyone (recruiters, etc.) I make it explicit that I won't answer their call unless they give me the number they'll be calling from ahead of time, and then I tell them I'll place them in my contacts with that number.

My hope is that this is training these individuals to be more aware of the issue, assuming they've forgotten about it due to being desensitized or using some paid caller ID spam service that not everyone has access to for lack of funds.

I've also long turned off my voice mail; it's just a waste of time.

What was the last time anyone real dialed me with the same first 6 digits of my phone number? Probably my elemantry school friend who lived up the block when we had landlines. These days anyone matching the first 6 digits of my phone is obviously spoofing hoping i'll pick up a 'local' call.

Spam robo calls consist of more than just spoofed numbers. Maybe you've been blessed with good luck in that regard, but I receive both variants of spam.

I stopped using phone completely, period, even for known numbers. It's in permanent silence, no vibration, no checking mode. It took some time for friends to learn they have to use Skype or whatsapp to contact me, but after that I don't have to worry about spam and midnight calls anymore.

I do something similar. My default ring tone and message tone is "silent". I then set ring/message tones for some people in my contacts.

I've heard that some smart phones don't let people use my method any more. i.e. you can not set default tones to silent.

You can set a zero-length sound file to combat.

Oh, good point! I will tell my coworkers that are in that situation.

So, you're basically not reachable in an emergency unless someone knows the special code to get hold of you? To say nothing of local service people etc. who you might have to deal with.

I don't like junk calls either but cutting myself off from normal communication channels doesn't seem as if it would be very practical.

I don't go as far as that commenter, but I'm very tempted. Nobody that I personally know calls me without texting first anyway (well, except for one rude guy), especially if it's an emergency.

People can use texts for emergency messages. If they want to voice call, this usually mean situation is not so urgent in a first place.

I think I'd take issue with a text "Umm, yeah, your mom died so call me".

And, yes, I do in fact use punctuation on text messages...

No offence, but something is seriously wrong with your head

I find they very rarely leave a voicemail message, and voicemail transcription has been a boon for the few that hang on the line.

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