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So far they have 38 atoms. I wonder what the price per kilo or pound of antimatter is... :)

Yet another substance cheaper than printer ink, whatever its price.

I actually once bought a new printer (and ink for it) because the combo was cheaper that replacement ink for the printer a family member had bought...


I wanna say that it's 17 billion per gram. I'm looking for a citation though. though I think thats for anti-protons.

... so slightly less than saffron.

EDIT: eh wikipedia say 25gigabucks per gram, 62 trillion for antihydrogen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimatter#Cost

Actually, I think they have had 38 atoms, since

  it is possible to hold on to atoms of antihydrogen in this way for about a tenth of a second.

Let the bidding war... begin!Bidding is over! The ex-antimatter goes to...

I won the auction, and all I got was this stupid matter!

(ex-antimatter == !(!matter) == matter)

Actually, the annihilation mostly produces photons, which aren't either matter or antimatter (or both, whichever way you like.)

Though you might have been lucky and gotten an antineutrino instead. Now you just have to find it...

Antimatter and matter annihilate each other upon contact, releasing the energy from both atoms. So the ex-antimatter would be half the released energy from the collision. I think?

Your equation is wrong. Why are you negating matter twice?

If you have anti-matter it will annihilate with matter making gamma rays. Those gamma rays can then participate in pair production making an electron and an anti-electron (positron), but that only happens in a strong magnetic field.

That positron will then annihilate again if it meets an electron (maybe even the same one, but it doesn't have to be). Which would then make gamma ray, which can start the process again. You can theoretically do this over and over forever, but realistically the gamma ray will probably be absorbed in something. Also, I think the annihilation may make two gamma rays, dividing the energy.

Edit: Is your equation a joke on the english words, ex and anti?

It was a joke based on the english meaning of the words and was not meant to be scientifically accurate.

That depends on how much it cost per atom. I am going to say somewhere between 1 cent and 1 million dollors so:

  1 KG of Hydrogen has ~1000 * 6.02 * 10 ^ 23 atoms.
  @ 1 cent per atom that's 6.022 * 10 ^ 12 trillion dollors.
  @ 1 million $ per atom that's 6.022 * 10 ^ 20 trillion dollors.

The correct evil business model is to get permanent funding to maintain power to the containment system.

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