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I'm thinking of Firebase. For example, with Firebase, my web clients (web or Android, for example) don't ever talk to my backend directly. I have a serverless firebase function that accepts a trigger when there is an update to the firestore (cloud database) or storage (like AWS S3). I get a JSON object (which is declarative) that I can use to send the file or data on to a new process. This decoupling makes my firebase function really small: it only parses JSON and sends an event, perhaps to another Google service.

Compare this to a large application where you are marshalling objects from the HTTP POST request into temp objects inside your application language. Making that work with all clients, within all server contexts, is a lot of code which I hated to write.

With serverless, I'm never connecting my clients or backends directly. I'm thinking in terms of moving high level objects (JSON, files, events) between systems, and Google provides the glue to wire those together. It takes a mind shift, but when you realize how much glue code you are writing and that you can forget, it makes your application layer really simple.

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