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WSJ: Apple wants 50% revenue from $10/month News subscription service (9to5mac.com)
5 points by adtac 67 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

That is a staggering percentage and given the current state of the app I don't see how it is warranted. Then throw in your bundled in there with everyone else who signed up so the pay back is what exactly? Seriously, if you a large news organization with a built up reputation and good customer base what is the pay off here?

and here I thought Apple might take a hint after companies started to balk at the 30% clip in the app store

For a typical newspaper 2/3 of costs is printing and distibution. So if they can live with that in print why not in electronic distribution channel?

And remember that Apple is starved for 'services' revenues.

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