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It isn't about getting the spotlight away from a place it never was; if there had been a meaningful focus on universal equality, the glaring failures that provoked BLM would not have occurred with widespread unconcern outside of the Black community.

As a matter of historical fact, both All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matters are reactions in defense of status quo inequities from slightly different angles.

What is BLM's actual goal, what do they want to happen?

> defense of status quo inequities

Well yeah, the point should be to solve this issue. "Black Lives Matter" is not the right way of doing it as it excludes other people. If you get "All Lives Matter", then you can focus on lives that are not being treated equally, while not excluding other groups of people. My point is, that exclusion is really not necessary to recognize and solve issues, even if those issues' victims are predominantly a specific group of people.

But "this issue" can't be cleanly generalized across races and genders. Inequality is a theme that is represented in a variety of symptoms, but those symptoms and their causes differ across underrepresented groups (e.g. women are not disproportionately incarcerated or killed by police). As a result, there is not general solution because the problems differ. Advocacy for one group does not imply that other groups don't deserve advocacy, it's just targeting very specific issues impacting that group along with specific root causes.

Applying the same logic to software development, a product manager shouldn't assign a development ticket that just says "make the application better" and bug reports shouldn't just say "the application is broken". Those themes may be true, but it's not an effective way to solve problems.

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