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> to never flush toilet paper

Interesting note.


It’s not everywhere in China either. I never saw that in newer cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen don’t have that quirk. But it is in Hong Kong and other parts of Southeast Asia.

I was always wondering when I see a sign saying to not flush toilet papers. Do you need to throw it in the trash can after wiping your butt? Because I always flush it, don't want to make the toilet room smell bad or give a hard time to the cleaning lady/boy!

> Do you need to throw it in the trash can after wiping your butt?

Yes, and in my experience they're usually the kind with a lid.

It look me a long time to learn that you weren't supposed to flush TP in China, since people don't put signs about it in their homes.

It is common in some parts of the world where the sewers can't deal with it.

And yeah, the places I was in supplied a bin.

I think the cleaners will have a harder time if the toilet backs up!

got me curious about transforming faeces... when https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4998016/

combustion performance of waste..

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