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That's because the amount of software affecting your real world ("meatspace") life is increasing exponentially without a corresponding decline in bugs-per-line.

This is a real problem, we have to adopt exponentially safer code generation methods or reduce the absolute amount of code in use, or both. (Or we can kiss our asses goodbye.)

I would say the number of bugs increases, because ASA you push stuff out there is never enough time to refactor and fix. Because well.. too many ppl think it "does not bring money"

Not completely sure about that. Grew up in the early industry and it was rife with complete crap software. Really the only thing somewhat protecting the software at that time was the lack of internet access and threats. Attempting to use that same software now would lead it to be exploited in minutes.

I remember messing with Windows 95 with IE 3 installed. It was really easy to create. NetMeeting shortcut that would crash with a buffer overflow error.

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