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How YouTube’s A.I. boosts alternative facts (medium.com)
11 points by rajeshmr 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Just today caught my mum in a YT recommendation rollercoaster full of "meat gives you cancer" "this one plant will make me immortal" "ten meals that poison you" "how to cure cancer natural way" etc. Took a 10 minute talk to make her pretend to understand what has happened and why she just couldnt make herself click away :(

Made me seriously consider parental control filters on my parents computer :o

Yes indeed. There was a time in life, when parents were worried about what their kids would get exposed to on the internet. Right now, this has swung the other way. Now as grown ups, who understand technology, we worry how to educate our parents about what to believe and what to ignore. Strange how the world works!

"alternative facts"

Won't read any further.

Maybe poorly worded by the author - but give it a shot, there is at least one important takeaway in there.

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