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I've a similar problem on Twitter. I don't follow anyone for their political views, so I typically unfollow as soon as I read some but it's far from an optimal solution.

I resisted setting an account up for years on Reddit, but you're absolutely right - it's the only way to effectively filter things you don't want to see.

Same with Facebook. I usually just unfollow people who frequently post political things, but at the cost of missing out on their posts about their personal lives. I wish there was a "subject" filter that I could use to filter out political posts.

Twitter has one I learned recently, but it's pretty enfeebled. It's as far as I can tell, exact matches only, which sounds fine perhaps in the design phase, but was deeply frustrating in practice. There's a new political candidate in America generating lots of buzz who has several permutations of their name (abbreviations and hyphens were my undoing here), so I ended up having to add several entries just to not hear about politics in a country I don't live in!

I put in so many things to filter out politics. Still inundated with it.

Feed idea: block posts from user unless tagged with a subject. Show users your post may not be visible unless tagged. Follow people AND subjects.

Why the pushback on a reddit account? You don't need to post or comment.

You also don't need an account if you want to whitelist with the RES extension instead:


You do need to train the Google AI to create a account, though. Reddit uses captcha

I'd happily give them $5 to prove I'm human but I won't feed Google.

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