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The geometric shapes you see when hallucinating on things like psilocybin were studied in the 1920s by a guy named Heinrich Klüver. He called them form constants [1] [2], and the honeycomb pattern is one of them. They've been observed with mind-altering drugs, as well as near-death experiences, synesthesia and other extreme experiences.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form_constant

[2] http://countyourculture.com/2011/03/13/form-constants-visual...

Thanks for these links. Never did drugs but as a teenager I once had pneumonia and a 104F fever. The night before I got treated I was seeing some of the more organic shaped form constants with "demonic" overtones. (I put that in quotes because I was aware, even at the time, that it was just random patterns not anything real.) The first night after I got antibiotics with a still bad but lesser fever, I saw geometric form constants with happier overtones such as 100s of penguins dancing on chessboards or hexagons. I didn't know at the time that it had a name, but I theorized at the time that what I was experiencing was "pure numeric" or "pure geometric" qualia - that is, part of my brain was generating the message of seeing numerous things or geometrically aligned things, and other parts of my brain were ad libbing what it was that was numerous or arranged that way.

(As for how I got to that state: I was in Marines Corps training and we had sick call, but they said sick call is not for a cold or the sniffles. So the first few days I toughed it out. Eventually I realized no this is more serious; every morning after that I turned up for sick call and got turned away "you just have a cold, f--k off." Since I didn't have a physical injury to point to I just got lectures about malingering, while I was passing out on my feet everywhere and coughing up quarts of green goop. Eventually I just refused to stand down from the sick call until they took me to the corpsman, where it turned out I had a bad case of pneumonia and a 104F fever. They gave me antibiotics and sent me back (walking, alone) to my barracks, did not even keep me for observation.)

nice link. countyourculture is bookmarked. thx.

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