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> The declining hash rate, the declining price, the exchanges going under

This has happened every previous cycle. When mining becomes less profitable, the hash rate declines and difficulty declines until it reaches equilibrium. Currently 1800 BTC are being created every day, but when the next "halvening" happens I wouldn't be surprised to see an increase in price as all of a sudden the same amount of demand is competing for half the daily supply (900 BTC).

If you look at past cycles, the "halvening" has precipitated many BTC bull runs.

Again you side step. This time side stepped that everyone’s now heard of and been burned by btc which was not true prior to the last run up, that my figures are still astronomical whether halved or not, or quartered, or eighthed. That major companies were burned by it. VCs were burned by it. That people have come down from their hopium high and realized blockchain in and of itself won’t solve literally any problem it’s thrown at better than MySQL will.

You side step explaining why you think your money should be magically worth more over time.

The question is whether there’s still 2.4 or 1.2 billion in new cash to add every single year until the next “mooning” which if were using your own expectations will be followed by an equally horrific crash.

Why would we use that kind of thing as a currency?

You presume nobody was burned in the last 5 boom/bust cycles, and that VCs are too stupid to look at history before making an investment.

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