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10+ year user, I only consistently browse ~3 subreddits now. I realized it was time to move on when I was using Reddit Enhancement Suite more than Reddit itself. My subreddit filter list (so not including keyword filters, blocked users, domain filters, etc.) is currently 1,391, which translates to 2 or 3 unfiltered posts out of 25 if I browse r/all.

"Why don't you just browse your own front page instead of r/all?" I do, but Reddit decided it would be a great idea to limit the number of subreddits they display on your frontpage unless you purchase their premium membership. As a result, even though I'm subscribed to many interesting subreddits, I only see content from the largest and most active ones on my frontpage and the rest of them are hidden from me.

I started browsing r/all instead and filtering out all of the subreddits that don't interest me as a workaround to the above problem. I used to see a lot of interesting subreddits pop up on r/all, but as the site has grown real content has become drowned out by low-effort meme subreddits that multiply like rabbits, politics, and karma-farming bots that repost incessantly. Right now on the first 10 pages of r/all 15/250 posts pass my filters. I have no doubt that over the next few years this number will continue to decrease towards 0.

I disagree.

My main is a 12+ year account of reddit. I think the site is more useful than it ever has been.

I’m in a variety of subs, genres spanning many interests and have mod on several.

Sure there are accounts focused on upvotes. But not only can this be corrected, you see this on all social platforms now.

TikTok, for its youth and growth has this and that platform—though it boasts leading edge media presentation—is completely without the real and deep comment threads you find all of the time on reddit.

You find more “shitpost” content and commentators on major networks, local news and even newspapers as they attempt to keep up with what grows out of subs every day.

There is stuff discussed in subs that is incredibly serious and you won’t find talked about as openly anywhere else on the internet.

If anything the site is undervalued and growing.

> My subreddit filter list (so not including keyword filters, blocked users, domain filters, etc.) is currently 1,391, which translates to 2 or 3 unfiltered posts out of 25 if I browse r/all.

I don't understand what you mean here. It sounds as though you have a black list versus the superior option of a white list (in this case)? Surely it's better to let in what you want and ignore everything else by default versus being surprised by something you don't like and having to ban it?

It wasn't originally my intention for the filter list to become so comprehensive, but it's steadily grown over time as the content on Reddit has degraded. I've been building the filter list since it became a feature in RES. Also, while rare, I still do find new subreddits through r/all, so I prefer the "everything but B" to "only A" approach of filtering.

I wasn't even aware it was possible to have a whitelist and I'm not quite sure what you're referring to, to be honest. I'm guessing it would be easy enough to construct now that RES supports complicated custom rules, but I think at this point I'm too lazy to. It's far more convenient to be able to just hover over a post and one-click filter a subreddit from the card RES displays.

I feel qualified to chime in because this is the way I use reddit, too, with similar numbers of filtered subreddits.

There are two reasons to do it this way. The first is that you never find smaller subreddits you might like with a whitelist. The second is that reddit will not actually give you a whitelist of subreddits. It instead picks a random 50 subreddits among your subscriptions and limits itself to those. That 50 is fixed for a period of time (I don't know how long).

> The second is that reddit will not actually give you a whitelist of subreddits


You register an account, unsubscribe from everything, and then subscribe to what you want. That's a white list. I don't know what this 50 limit is you mentioned... never run into that. My "Home" screen contains posts from every sub I'm subbed too...

Maybe my information is wrong or outdated, but that's what I read.


Why not just buy a premium membership?

what is the benefit ?

Server-side filtering of /r/all is a Premium feature - or, at least, it was a Gold feature. I don't see a list of Premium features anywhere.

I think it's immoral to support that website.

Yet you use it?

Yea, but I don't view their ads or give them money. It's the same line I draw with other internet properties that I find odious. Maybe a long time ago reddit was worth supporting, but they've made too many user-hostile decisions.

I realize that giving them page views counts as 'support' when they're trying to raise money from investors. I hope that my infinitesimal effect on their monetization numbers in the opposite direction cancels it out. Who knows.

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