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Is Bill Gates a “philanthropist, and Humanitarian”?
1 point by oriettaxx 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
what has been windows o.s. for the world? "philanthropist, and humanitarian"?

the Fundation, the "giving pledge", the "benefactors" crew, donations, "Dementia Discovery Fund", "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge", and his books: you can try to fix it, but to me it all sounds a way to hide your original sin and the embarrassment you feel realizing that with some simple tricks you made tons of $$$: how can you stand it compared to the effort your maid is doing everyday to please you? I do not like it, and it feels sick.

In the grand stream of entropy we call computing, the Gates age of Microsoft was bunnies and cuddles compared to the Apple/Google/FB clstrfck of platform restrictions, police-state tattling, and info-rape.

In the current age, Obama got a peace prize for killing fewer Brown people than the last guy. In the current age, Bill is a saint.

yes, I understand the hyperbole: there's always somebody who's got it way, way worse...

Given that time travel is not a possibility, what _would_ you like Bill Gates to do? Sit on his billions and do nothing?

first: I would like him (his will and money) to go back to what he broke instead of changing the room: the huge worldwide diffusion of such a bad o.s. had enormous consequences and it still has...

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