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Show HN: MooseTracks API Debugger
1 point by cswendrowski 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
Howdy all!

I'm Cody Swendrowski, and together with some developer friends we just launched version 1 of a passion project we've sunk our nights and weekends into, MooseTracks (https://moosetracks.app/)

Like many developers, we were sad to see Runscope go away. We spent some time researching why they product died and made a PoC that we liked, so we spent the next few months fleshing it out with additional features Runscope never had that we thought would be useful for developers who integrate with API's; SSL verification, OAuth validation, and Rate-Limit checks were the first 3 auto-checks we added, with plans for more. After talking with some of our initial users, we added a way for our users to write their own validations and additionally modify the data before we captured it, allowing us to be GDPR compliant as well.

This is the first product we've launched and it's been a lot of fun - our favorite moment was sponsoring a table at a conference and handing out Moosetracks flavored icecream to people who tired out our on-site demo. Talking with other developers is the best part of the experience of launching a product for them!

We would appreciate any feedback you have on what we've built and how good of a job our landing page does of explaining it. If you have any questions about how we built the product or what we learned along the way, shoot away!

- Cody Swendrowski

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