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Sown To Grow | Data Scientist | San Francisco Bay Area | Full-Time | ONSITE

Sown To Grow is an early-stage EdTech startup that develops products that help students become better learners. Using our products, students set learning goals, enter and track their own performance on activities, and record reflections on the strategies they’re using to drive their own learning forward. The company has received seed funding from highly selective, innovative funds including Imagine K-12 (now Y-Combinator EdTech), Impact Assets, Jane VC, and others.

We are a small, nimble team that is inspired to make a difference in the world while building a successful business. Before starting Sown To Grow, our founding team spent several years working in both the private sector and schools/districts. We care deeply about building a product that positively impacts student outcomes and makes teachers’ lives easier.

We're looking to build out a new core area of our business and we're hiring for a full-time Data Scientist role - check out our listing and let me know if you're interested in chatting more!

+ Apply: https://angel.co/sown-to-grow/jobs/466361-data-scientist

Are you guys looking for Interns?

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