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Mars One Is Bankrupt (engadget.com)
15 points by jacquesm 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Total scam. They wanted to start a reality show to fund R&D for a Mars base. There aren't any technical details on the "Mars Transit Vehicle", which looks like a KSP rocket with a Dragon stuck on the end.

Poking through their investor relations, they don't really have anything besides the website and some renderings. Wikipedia says that their proposal to launch modified Dragons was rejected by SpaceX. You would think an organization that plans on sending humans to Mars has a headquarters filled with very smart people, but it's just an empty rented office.[1]

[1] https://www.space.com/21270-private-mars-colony-scam-china.h...

> “When you join the ‘Mars One Community,’ which happens automatically if you applied as a candidate, they start giving you points. You get points for getting through each round of the selection process… and then the only way to get more points is to buy merchandise from Mars One or to donate money to them.”

Yeah... if you do that to people applying, you're not pretending anymore to be anything other than a scam. This was a Fyre-level attempt to get more money from attendants - like that Fyre band one "should charge with thousand of dollars" just days before the event.

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