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Unnamed Yet | CTO & Co-Founder | Germany, Hamburg or Berlin | Full-Time | ONSITE

Use your chance to design a product from scratch. I am searching for someone experienced in the app development and mobile area. We are building an App trying to change the restaurant industry. Think of a combination of Groupon and Open Table. We already have more than 200 restaurants as partner. You can start on technical green grass. You would... * Have the chance to build a product from day one * Be responsible for building the app (whether we outsource parts or build everything in house, I rely on your expertise) and securing the quality of the app * Assess and develop new features and manage third party integrations * Hire your own tech team, take responsibility for your team and the product * get a great amount of equity in the company

Interview process: virtual session(s) with CEO; on-site beer and pizza with CEO; work out your own contract as you will be the first person you will hire for your tech team;) Contact me: whoishiringyc@gmail.com (if you are german, application in german is absolutely fine) Avoid the confidence gap and reach out to me without bullshit-speak. I am interested in… a brief introduction of you as a person. what projects did you work on in the past? References are really appreciated. what experiences do you have in the app industry? what companies did you work for? why do you think you are the right person to build a tech team/app from scratch? which programming languages are you capable of?

Take the chance. Apply.

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