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How are they going to afford the rent and salaries? Besides being very niche, their margins must be very low.

Isn't the whole raspberry pi company set up as a foundation/charity? They probably take a loss on the store to promote the idea.

Right, but resources they spend running a loss-making store are resources they don't get to spend on other opportunities that might better advance their foundation's goal.

Staffing a shop with skilled EEs could get expensive fast.

I don't mean any disrespect to anyone but I don't think they need to staff the store with "skilled EEs" to make the store a success.

They’re almost certainly not expecting for the store itself to be profitable. Rather, the store is a billboard for the company (the same is actually very much true for Apple Stores; except those are probably crazily profitable in addition). In a way, the store’s main purpose is to take the product out of the niche. Let’s hope it works.

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