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You’ve never gone clothes shopping with your SO? Remember the chairs by the changing room?

These are the changing room chairs for the other half.

That's one of their uses... I had a chat with a couple of people sat down and they were just waiting for their SOs to finish browsing. So I gave them a MagPi and Hackspace magazine to read while waiting.

I noticed that they bought the Hackspace!


Its also why the mothership Games Workshop in Nottingham has such a nice café/bar.

They also did a nice GW branded bitter

I've always found this situation weird. When my wife and I go shopping, we don't really do it together. I go to my stores. She goes to hers. No need for chairs.

I can certainly understand why someone might shop with an SO, but it's never been a requirement for us.

When I rarely go clothes shopping it does seem to be pretty normal for couples to shop together.

How does that work? You go into the shop, see shirt, check size, buy it, bam, done. Spend 30 minutes ogling PCs, Cars, Bikes, (pick your poison), before going to to find your partner who is still in the first shop with 50 rejected tops outside the changing room. So you find a seat.....

(This is a therapy session right?)

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