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Is there another computer hardware store you think would be a better comparison?

They failed to even make the comparison beyond the headline, and oddly, don’t really say anything about how the raspberry store is cool... just that it (might) make sense, contrary to popular intuition

I think the point might be that you don’t need to trash something else just to say the Pi store is cool.

I personally think the comparison is silly. Because you get to play around in the Pi store I think it’s much more similar to a games-workshop or board game store than an Apple store. Even if the aesthetics are similar to the latter.

Literally any tech brand or concept store. Samsung, Microsoft, Xiaomi just off the top of my head. A comparison to anything is not made anywhere in the article. It's literally just a clickbait title

Not that I'm defending the title, but would "the Raspberry Pi store is much cooler than a Samsung Store" sound better? No, because samsung stores are far less common and iconic.

Also that would sound like damning with faint praise.


> feint

Incorrect - it's not damning with fake praise - it's damning with super-light praise; the implication being the subject of 'praise' is not that great.


For some strange reason, paper with light lines on it is called feint ruled which is the source of my confusion going all the way back to my school days ... but every day is a school day, evidently.

Wow - that never registered in my mind before and I would have told you, with all conviction, that books say "faint ruled". Apparently[1] it's a 19th century variation of faint as used in the printing industry.

1. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/us/dictionary/english/fein...

Those brands have this own stores at all? I've never seen one. I've seen many Apple stores though.

They do. But that doesn't even matter. The point is that the article makes no comparison to any store. They just wedged Apple in the title because clicks.

They could have spun it many other ways. Raspberry Pi's first physical store. You can see examples of what the Pi can do, even play around with them. Consult with staff about which Pi is best suited for your needs. Buy merch and goodies.

Again, the article itself makes no comparison to anything

I understand why they did it but to be honest if this will introduce someone to Raspberry Pi, open source and whole makers space then it was worth it.

Ha, I'm the opposite never seen an Apple store (irl) but been in a Samsung store, it was cool.

To be fair Samsung Stores are pretty much knock offs of Apple Stores, the only difference is that they have more TVs. Apple invented the idea of minimalistic, plain shop in premium locations, every other brand is getting a lot of inspiration from them.

Apple most certainly did not invent the premium location minimalistic retail store, it's the standard template for high end fashion and boutiques globally. Look are the people behind their store team and you can see why.

Microsoft has stores now too, don't they? But the apple store comparison is probably more appropriate.

As far as I know since the demise of Radio Shack, Fry's is the only hardware enthusiast shop with a real retail presence.

Also Microcenter

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