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Well done, Adioso was fantastic.

Indeed - I still use it (among others) more or less any time I'm looking for flights.

It was tomhoward's cofounder Fenn Bailey that also first introduced me to "microcaching" with nginx via some blog post many years back, a trick which has been of much use over the years.

Microcaching is fantastically useful. Way back when, when Edgeio hosted Crunchboard (the Techcrunch job board), we added it to deal with the load it imposed. I don't remember if I'd read about it anywhere first, or was just desperately trying things to avoid it hammering our database.

[For anyone not clear on what is meant: Microcaching is the idea of doing caching with really short time intervals, maybe as low as a second. The point is to set the TTL for the cached data so short that users will rarely if ever notice stale data even for dynamically updated content. The upside is that even a 1 second cache time for a heavily requested page means only 1 request per second per frontend for that resources hits your backend, no matter how much your traffic increases. Super-short TTLs often allow you to cache resources that you otherwise couldn't, and still get a hard upper bound on the load they'll impose]

Awesome, great to hear!

That micro-caching trick was so cool. It wasn't actually for Adioso, but for the Falls Festival, a huge New Years Eve outdoor music festival here in Australia. The coolest application we heard about for that technique was when Google did a doodle for Robert Moog's 78th Birthday [1], and the Moog company's humble little website got hammered.

[1] https://www.google.com/doodles/robert-moogs-78th-birthday

Ha, found (via the wayback machine) the original article[1] and also an HN discussion about it back then too[2]. Fenn didn't mention who it was for, "just some friends" - I guess I figured out the connection and linked it to Adioso in my memory.

[1] https://web.archive.org/web/20111014232647/http://fennb.com/... [2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3109283

Many thanks. BTW, Adioso is not dead, it's resting. We spun it out of Volantio so I could rebuild it only without all the mistakes. Stay tuned.

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