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As the Planet Warms, Who Should Get to Drive? (citylab.com)
8 points by jseliger 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

There will probably come a day (maybe soon) when electric cars become cheap and easily available.

When that day arrives, ICE autos will probably become very affordable.

In the US, probably not. Cash for clunkers is an example of a government policy that made car ownership less affordable. During the recession, people with the means to purchase a new car received a massive windfall appreciation of their old cars. Those without means to purchase a new car faced a used car market with scarcity and in particular scarcity of the best kind of cheap used car...one previously owned and maintained by a person of means. The car grandma only drove to church on Sunday was crushed for scrap.

History might not repeat itself. But I would be unsurprised by a greening policy for electric vehicles that looked a lot like cash for clunkers. The long run of tax favored policies for electric vehicles don't suggest future policies designed for the means of those without means: there never has been a tax incentive for buying a used electric vehicle or replacing a vehicle with low fuel mileage for a more efficient used vehicle.

Trickle down theories tend to ignore the incentives for those at the top of the hill to capture any value that might flow downstream. Cash for clunkers didn't buy used cars from poor people with a yard full of junkers. Because of the holding period required, they weren't salable on their potential trade-in value to people with the means to buy new cars.

Never mind that part of transportation greening is raising the price of gasoline.

Without the causal link is this really groundbreaking or interesting data? Rich people have cars more often than poor people, and in a city where cars are a necessity only the most destitute don't have a car.

The richest have a car but don't need it. They have transportation services instead. On demand taxi or chauffeur.

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