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I am a Principal Architect/Engineer at a mid-size company (~200-300 engineers, 1500 total headcount).

I would consider myself a Principal Architect, Senior Engineer, Senior Implementation Specialist, Mid-Level Product Owner/Manager and Junior Account Executive when it comes to actual job breakdown on a day-to-day basis.

I'm fielding important sales calls with the team, help troubleshoot important implementations with clients, and design systems and generally try to lead the Seniors/Leads across teams towards a common goal.

That said, if it really comes down to it, I can also roll up my sleeves and sling some code - usually as effectively as the Seniors/Leads.

I actually think the above skills are as transferable as the raw tech skills. At the end of the day, we all have to actually _sell_ software that is useable/valuable to our customers. If you're in the position to prove/demonstrate that it really doesn't matter the stack.

Plus, all the failures spanning the XXXXX teams you assist are sure to teach you _something_.

(FWIW, the actual teams I interact with are not the original team/product I started at with the company - we were a startup that was acquired)

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