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It actually is almost a such. The category in which it appeared is "Guest Posts", that is, in the category where:

"Now and again, we’ll publish a post in which D users talk of their experiences with D, not about specific projects, but about the language itself. They’ll tell of things like their favorite features, why they use it, how it has changed the way they write code, or anything they’d like to say that expresses how they feel about programming in D."


Moreover, the article starts with "I initially started my research project using the Ada 2012 programming language (see my article “Experiences on Writing Ada Bindings for a C Library” in Ada User Journal, Volume 39, Number 1, March 2018)." "After some unsatisfying experiments with Java and Python, I settled on the D programming language."

It's obviously a D language beginner writing about his experiences. Showing his code. Which worked for him. Nothing wrong with that.

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