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>> I am not sure if the title of "staff/principle" can be transferred

It usually can, actually, assuming you're going to a company of roughly the same stature. I.e. if work at a small company, your title doesn't mean much when going to a large company unless you're otherwise known in your field. And if you're a Staff engineer working at e.g. FANG, you can demand the "God Emperor" type title at a small company and you'll probably get it if they feel they need you.

The only things that matter are really:

1. Whether you'd enjoy the work

2. How much you get paid

Titles are arbitrary and they don't mean anything outside a particular company. Even between otherwise comparable companies there are significant misalignments, see e.g. https://www.levels.fyi/SE/Google/Facebook/Microsoft

I worked with a guy early in my career whose title was "Keeper of the Magic".

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