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Lighting up my DasKeyboard with Blood Sugar changes using my body's REST API (hanselman.com)
78 points by hprotagonist 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I couldn't find anything in the article on which CGM he's using. Anyone know?

I recently switched to the FreeStyle Libre which you use by pulling readings from over NFC to a cellphone. I'm not clear on what the nice 'real' CGMs are like these days or how they work (as far as connecting to one's body).

I like the way the Libre connects (small disk that sits on the back of your arm for two weeks at a time), so if the CGMs which transmit with bluetooth are more bulky/less convenient, I'd almost be tempted to build a little NFC to bluetooth device, Fitbit-sized, which could be strapped over the Libre sensor and scan it every minute or so and stream data to my phone.

There are several third party Bluetooth transmitters that fit the Libre or you can use an old Sony smartwatch. I used the latter for a few months but it was much better when I switched to the Dexcom G5. The G5 is just a small BT transmitter and the G6 is even smaller. The insertion is a bit nicer on the Libre but not a big deal.

If you use xDrip and stretch the life of the sensors and transmitters then the Dexcom isn't much more expensive than the Libre (at least for me, in the UK).

Scott is using the G6 now I think, and most T1s I read online recommend Dexcom.

Scott mentions the Dexcom G5 in some older blog postings:


Have a look at the Miao Miao. It does exactly what you’ve described and is waterproof and rechargeable.

I’ve found it VERY reliable.

Pretty cool. I wonder, wouldn't a smartwatch of sorts be perfect to monitor blood sugar?

Nightscout, which is a dependency to Scott's project, has information on their site about using various smartwatches


This is the most HN headline i've ever seen.

One thing I am a bit sad to not take off more is enchanted devices. I sorta feel it was a CES 2015-2017 news cycle coverage that was ultimately unable to have traction.

The concept of integrating the design of devices into manufacturing and safety critical environments excited me as the new direction for IoT devices intersecting with computer human design. I still hold out hope that the trend continues and we are able to create more physical and less screen dependent devices to create a more meaningful world.

I had this idea exactly a week ago and thought “I should build this!” as my mom is switching to a CGM. I even have some scrap notes on the API, I just hadn’t found the hour or two to build it.

Execution >> ideas and all that, and this is nicely done. :)

I really like the prompt idea, actually - won’t work for my mom, but works incredibly well for anyone who codes at their machine all day.

That's absolutely awesome!

On a side note, I'd be super wary of having that kind of data in the cloud. A local raspberry pi server would be nice.

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