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Almost certainly. Medical professionals of the future will look at today’s cutting edge med tech the way we view blood-letting and balancing out the body’s humours.

Unlikely. Blood letting and balancing out the body’s humors don’t work. At all. We are quite certain that today’s medical technology works. It could work better, but we can indeed cure ailments that were once considered incurable. Medical professionals of the future will look back on today’s medicine the way we look back on pioneers of science who helped us get where we are today. To say otherwise is a complete insult of the medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to developing better medical technology.

Blood letting does work for some conditions like "hemochromatosis", in many cases a result of genetics + iron intake. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_overload

Not so certainly. Climate change could ravage the world hard and natural resources could dwindle to almost nothing, putting the race in a crude survivalist mindset where there is no time to improve modern medicine or even learn it. Generations of the future may just as likely be looking back at our tech today in awe.

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