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(1) thanks for clarifying, that's a relief. (2) what does transmissible mean, then?

As far as I can tell, the two words mean the same thing. The other commenter may have meant to contrast with “contagious,” which means that it’s not just possible but reasonably easy to transmit the disease. From the article:

“It is important – imperative – to emphasize that transmissible does not equal contagious. There is absolutely no evidence that people with dementia can spread their disease casually to people around them. Even donated blood appears to be safe, as no association with blood transfusions and Alzheimer’s Disease has ever been detected.”

Could be wrong but communicable means you can infect other people around you. Transmissible means the disease does generalize to some extent and is caused by something replicable. That is, if they take some of the prions infecting you and inject it into someone else, it can infect someone else. Broken arms and bad genes aren’t transmissible. Lots of cancers aren’t either (meaning I can’t inject you with my cancer and infect you)

This isn’t especially surprising. It’s about on par with Alzheimer’s being caused by a microorganism. If we accept that this is true, then it follows that Alzheimer’s, as a symptom, can be transmitted. But unless there is a noteworthy vector of transmission, there’s nothing to worry about.

Speculation about eye care equipment sounds like sensationalism until tested.

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