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Show HN : Wisteria GistNoesis Music Tutor Using Tensorflow.js (gistnoesis.github.io)
3 points by GistNoesis 40 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Hello HN, we are proud to introduce the latest member of our bot family.

Wisteria GistNoesis

Don't forget to scroll down to see the video and explanation.

Exceptionally we do a release on a Sunday so that you can try it at home with your instruments and talk about it on Monday at work.

This is a kind of an art project to give you a glimpse of the future that is already here.

We are using very recent technologies like Tensorflow.js, so it might not work on your device but you can get the gist of it with the video and explanations.

Don't hesitate to give your feedback, You may also be interested in the github project : https://github.com/GistNoesis/Wisteria/ for the technical details

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