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The bonding of optical elements (optical-cement.com)
51 points by killjoywashere 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

This is an internet gem. In the pre-internet days, you would only gain access to this information if you knew this person, or someone like them, and happened to ask them the right questions. Something like this would be too trivial to write down in a book, and not novel enough for a monograph. Even if it did happen to get published, what are the odds that your community library would have a copy of the relevant book, or that you would be able to find it through a card catalog search?

In 2019, @killjoywashere will be able to repair his microscope optic by theirself, with just a little Googling and reading, scary page design aside.

I feel like this page can send even fighter pilots scrambling for accessibility features on their browser. Impressive feat in its own.

Blue text in a blank + blue background... What's not to like?

At least it's readability-mode friendly.

Straight forward practical technical notes for those of us amateur telescope makers who might venture away from the typical reflector to an achromatic refractor or to attempt eyepieces. nice simulated graph paper background

Why am I reading this?

I came across it because I have a microscope component that was left sideways and learned that the inner lens of a doublet had slid on it's bonding media, rendering the component useless. Trying to warm it and gently slide it back into place didn't work (pulled an air bubble in), so I ended up on this deep dive into lens bonding. And I just really enjoyed this guy's total obsession with the trade.

It's definitely not presented as a case-study in adaptive design. It's a case study in great, edge-case content.

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