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1. Building Evolutionary Architectures - A great book for those looking to build an IT department that can meet the business needs of today and create an organizational mindset that allows you to still be nimble and evolve to meet future demands.


2. Building Microservices - A great book by Sam Newman which Building Evolutionary Architectures is effectively written upon IMHO. This book is really more technical and gets into the weeds of building out systems using microservices and it also touches based on CI/CD.


3. Inside the Minds - Although this book is old and talks about XML as an emerging technology, it's exceptional in showing you how various CTOs think and define their roles in different companies. It really drives home the importance of having IT support business vs. just building out technical solutions.

Note: Buy this book used and save yourself a lot of money. I got it for $2.58.


4. Release It! - A very good book that talks about important concepts in building systems that can be released often. It talks about things like Bulkheads, and circuit breakers; also mentioned in Sam Newmans book,. If you're company doesn't have CI/CD in place and a proper release model, then you should certainly read this book.


I have more books, but I don't want to flood this post.

I'd be interested in getting more recommendations, maybe you can have it somewhere else and link it here? A blog/gist/Google Doc?


Sure, I can compile a list of books. I'll do that later this week. You can email me at my username + gmail. I'll also post it on HN.

Seconding this. You seem to have great taste in technical reading material :)

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