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nothing on my network tab in ff 65.0

ditto. It works on Chrome though (sigh)

Why the sigh? It says right on the site that this gracefully degrades on browsers that don’t support it. Why is it a problem making a site faster in a browser designed for speed, if it does not degrade the experience at all in all other browsers?

That is OK, if you are talking about older browsers or browsers on limited / obscure platforms. Firefox doesn't fit the bill, and optimizing the site just for ~~IE~~ Chrome hurts the FF users and makes Chrome win even more - leading to self-fulfilling claim that Chrome is faster. It's not, but it will be if people optimize for it. This is one of the reasons I make a point to always develop in Firefox and later just check in Chrome (note that I still do check, because majority of people use it) - apart from simply better experience of course. :)

Not working for me either, Chrome works great though.

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