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If you need people to design their websites around your companies HR metrics collection for them to work, then your HR department's metrics are the problem. The easiest way to improve productivity at your company could be to drastically cut HR funding, maybe HR should collect some metrics on how much time HR spends building datasets that aren't accurate.

I don't think it's a matter of HR necessarily. HR has guidelines because a lot of their job has to do with compliance. Big companies absolutely need large HR departments because a lot more regulations apply.

Which regulation states that promotions should be based on browser history?

While this is an approach you could take, it's not a very user friendly one. I agree with you that those HR policies sound draconian, but OP isn't necessarily in a position to challenge or change them.

In addition to being less user friendly, having the mindset that users/visitors to your website must live and work in ideal settings means that whatever you create will tend to be fragile and brittle because you don't try to take into account situations that you haven't seen before.

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