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EsoLangVM Compiler Infrastructure (github.com)
25 points by EvgeniyZh 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Been a couple years since I passed this project, optimized their reference Befunge implementation & improved codegen for generating numbers: https://github.com/shinh/elvm/pull/18 (Befunge has commands for pushing 0-9 on the stack, have to use arithmetic past that, so old codegen would essentially compute the base 9 representation, whereas more efficient encodings are possible by factoring numbers & using ':' to duplicate the top of the stack)

Esoteric programming languages are fun, I put 'Befunge' on my resume as a programming language I know, opens up something I can ramble passionately about for hours. They explore a space that is completely self serving, a form of PL theory existing in its own vacuum

Compiler generated code is rarely pretty, but I always find generated Piet particularly disappointing. Has any work been done to generate code in the style of Mondriaan?

I found it funny that it looks like a low-resolution image (mirrored) of source code in a text-based language. Of course anybody can write a better backend that makes nicer images, or even a Piet formatter, that prettifies existing code.

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