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There’s no security gain from going to HTTPS if the site is served over HTTP, but there’s a small speed hit.

The communication between the user and example.com downloading the page referring to your script is secured by their SSL if they have it.

Separately to that, the communication between the user and your server when downloading your script is secured by your SSL. This can be secure even if example.com is not, so it should only be secure.

If the first html load isn't on SSL, and someone is able to intercept your traffic, they can change the embedded https url to be a non-https url anyway, so I can't even imagine the attack that is prevented by using https into something loaded over http.

Absolutely correct. But this is the website owner's problem and their consequences for not using SSL. You can't help or prevent this because it's not your server, it's not your fault they enabled insecure communication that can be exploited.

When you forgo SSL on your own server someone can also intercept your script in exactly the same way, they don't need to hack the website embedding your script. Now they are your consequences, your fault there's no SSL, and your problem may be affecting everyone who embedded your script insecurely.

No site should be served over plain HTTP in 2019. Browsers and search engines are actively discouraging/downranking websites that don't use TLS at this point.

None should be, but several are. Just the way that it is.

By the way, since .page is HSTS-preloaded, you may as well include https:// in the code snippet that includes the library. It'll avoid the http-to-https link rewriting internal redirect from happening when included from a non-secure site. It's a tiny performance improvement, but across millions of page views, it might add up.

If the browser sends a Referer header, the page the user is currently on will be sent over plaintext.

For exactly this reason browsers don’t send a Referer header when an HTTP request is made from an HTTPS page. (Nor for any kind of request made from a local file.)

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