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Just go directly to the script url: https://instant.page/1.0.0

The code is not obfuscated or minified, very easy to read.

It probably should be minified if the whole point is to improve page load times.

Compression and caching makes any minification of small scripts more than negligible.

Perhaps you meant less than negligible? Or simply negligible? But not more.

Minification is free and is done only once. In our case, the script is .9kb compressed (2.9kb uncompressed). When minified, it goes down to .6kb compressed (1.1kb uncompressed). It’s a small improvement, but there’s no reason to ignore it.

Saves over 50% of bandwidth ... "it's a small improvement". ^_^

They mean the 300 bytes shaved from gzip to minified+gzip.

Both are under MTU size of TCP packet.

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