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Show HN: Tinder for Poetry (Data Collection Phase) (poempath.com)
6 points by TylerSteele 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Okay, it's not really like Tinder because poems cannot like you back. I built this website using Vue and Koa. Currently, it just collects data. I will be building a basic recommendation engine in the coming weeks. Any feedback is greatly appreciated- this is my first major WebDev project. Also, if anyone knows of a quality source of poems, let me know!

This is great! One suggestion, show the theme of the poem or maybe the first few lines so the person doesn't have to read the whole thing / scroll to the bottom to move on or like it.

Hmm that is an excellent point. Thank you! I do not know if I have the data consistency to reliably provide a theme for every poem, but some sort of "at a glance" feature would be valuable.

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