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Temasik 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Still no proof here. He's on the list of potential Nakamotos, but the closest anyone came to proving it was Wired, and they later retracted the story. It'd be easy to prove if he just spent some of the early coins. Wright is clearly a nutjob and a publicity hound, which doesn't disprove that he's Nakamoto, but it does mean no one is going to take him at his word.


If Bitcoin was a monster he created. All he had to do was to take his money out and cash.

Everything else would have followed downhill immediately

Even the title of this post is fake! (It's not the title of the article.) The subhead is a lie, too. I closed the window as soon as I read "Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin."

So much delusion in one page, think the guy needs help!

tl;dr (for now)

I am the issuer for Bitcoin. There is no decentralised here. The only protection I have was remaining unknown. As I prove who I am over the year, I prove who the issuer is for Bitcoin. The issuer of a money system who did not ask for permission and knows that it was not legal when it occurred. Bitcoin (BSV) was issued in 2009. BTC was issued with an airdrop in 2017.

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